Welcome to Amboli Green Valley (MTDC) , Sawantwadi , India

Amboli Green Valley (MTDC)


When driving towards Amboli ghat from Sawantwadi one feels bashed by exotic beauty of pleasing green hills in low lying areas which are visible at every turn. At the top there are view points such as Purvicha Vas, Mahadevgad point, Manohargad- Manasantoshgad point, Shirgaonkar point, Kawleshet point all these points offer birds eye view of picturesque terrains below.

Sunset Point : In the evening sunset turns horizon into shades of orange, red and pink before being extinguished into deep blue waters of Arabian sea.

Madhavgadh Fort :Madhavgadh Fort, four times the size of Shanivarwada in Pune, which is now in a state of ruin. A memorial on the main road gives you an insight into the 'war', the tombstone reads that there was only one British soldier who died in the battle

Nagartas Waterfall :For waterfall lovers this roaring beauty is just 9 k.m. away.A legend with the locals and visitors from Pune and Belgaum, thousands of people come here on weekends at the end of the monsoon. A time when the waterfall comes tumbling down the hills in a giant fury of white froth, wetting all in its wake, washing down the Sahyadris with its watery ferocity.

Hiranykeshi :Scenic place of worship dedicated to Lord Shiva where pilgrims gather in large numbers during Mahashivratri. The Hiranykeshi river originates from mountain rock and flows down from this place.Glacierless, this river spouts from the earth in a steady drip. Gathering its force from streams and rivulets along the way, Hiranyakeshi tinkles over the hard edges of rocks, stones and pebbles, till its gushes headlong into Karnataka. You can spend hours angling for fish in its proceedings stream. 5.5 Km away from Amboli

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